8a Application Checklist
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Keep in mind that each 8(a) Application is unique and document requirements vary for each 8(a) Application. Below is a general list of items that will need to be included within your application. Your unique application may require additional items not specified below.

  • Current SAM.GOV and SBA DSBS profile print-outs
  • A complete copy of your SBA Electronic Application including all Forms (SBA Checklist, Notarization Form, 1010, 1010-IND, 1623, 1790, 413, 4506-T, 912)
  • Supporting enclosures to each "Yes" question answered on the SBA forms. Please note. Unique enclosures are required based upon your circumstances.
  • 1040 tax returns (last three filing years) including all schedules, attachments, W-2s, 1099's and proof of payment for any tax owed for each 8(a) Applicant and anyone else who owns more than 10% interest in the business or who is considered a key officer, employee or director.
  • Business Federal tax returns including all schedules and attachments for the last three filing years, or as many as you have been in business, if less than 3 years.
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, A/P and A/R aging statements no older than 30 days old for the current year to date and also for the last three years. Please note, your financial statements must be prepared either on an income tax basis or be GAAP compliant.
  • A resume for each 8(a) Applicant and any other key officer, employee, director or 10% or more owner.
  • A detailed listing of and copies of current YTD and past federal and non-federal contracts and invoices for the last two completed fiscal years
  • At least 2-3 letters of reference from current and/or past clients
  • A current certificate of good standing (required for Corporations and LLC's only)
  • Stock certificates/Stock ledger (Corp), Membership Certificates/ledger(LLC).
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization/Partnership filing/DBA Filing
  • Foreign Organization Filings and associated Certificates of Good Standing (If applicable)
  • Articles of Conversion/Buy-Sell Agreements, Voting Agreements (If applicable)
  • Bylaws, Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement
  • Stockholder/Board or Member Meeting minutes (organization and last two years)
  • Organization chart
  • Proof of US Citizenship (if required)
  • Business bank signature cards
  • Copies of all business and special licenses
  • Copies of any business loan agreements
  • A brief history of the business
  • A copy of the lease agreement for business. If you operate out of your home, a letter of explanation to the SBA along with a copy of the deed or home lease agreement.
  • Copy of your current business insurance declaration
  • Copies of personal financial statement supporting statements (e.g.; Checking/Savings, IRAs with terms and conditions, Life Insurance (Cash Surrender only), Stocks/Bonds, Mortgage, Deeds, Fair Market Value for Real Estate, Home Owners Insurance Policy, Any Other Assets (Boats, RV's, Motorcycle, Other Business Ownership, etc.), Automobile title/Registration and associated loans, Credit Cards, Home equity or any other Loan Agreements (Student, etc.)

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