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8(a) compliance service

Don't get prematurely terminated from the SBA 8(a) Program for non compliance.

Each year about 1,000 8(a) Participants are terminated from the 8(a) Program for failing to follow their 8(a) Participation Agreement.

8(a) compliance Service Faqs

What is the service and who should consider it?

This service is for SBA 8(a) Certified business who needs an expert to ensure they follow their 8(a) Participation Agreement to prevent their business from being terminated by the SBA for 8(a) program noncompliance.

Each year about 1,000 8(a) certified businesses are terminated for not following their 8(a) participation agreement.

Don't let all the hard work that you put into getting 8(a) Certified go to waste for doing something such as:

  • Failure to notify the SBA that your office has moved.
  • Failure to obtain prior written approval from the SBA for any changes in ownership, business structure, management or control.
  • Failure to provide the SBA with annual financial statements or quarterly financials.
  • Failure to submit an updated 8(a) Business Plan.
  • Failure to pursue competitive & commercial business in accordance with its 8(a) Business Plan.
  • A pattern of inadequate performance of awarded 8(a) contracts or subcontracts.
  • Failure to pay or repay federal obligations.
  • Failure to keep all required permits or licenses.
  • Taking excessive compensation from the business
  • Failure to obtain written approval for any management agreement, joint venture agreement or any other agreement relative to the performance of an 8(a) contract.
  • Paying a consultant too much to help market your business
  • Failure by business or owner to maintain the economic disadvantage metrics.
  • AND MORE.........
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What to expect when you sign up for this service?

Our staff will work one on one with to ensure you do not do anything that will result in termination from the 8(a) Program.

  • We will conduct quarterly interviews to help identify any potential problems that could result in a termination notice from the SBA. We will provide recommendations on each potential problem to remain in compliance with the SBA requirements.
  • We will review all quarterly business financials, personal financial statements and annual business and personal Federal tax returns to ensure they are properly prepared and ensure they do not disqualify you.
  • We will prepare a quarterly Risk Management Association (RMA) analysis of your business to ensure that you have not exceeded 4 or more of the 7 RMA industry means that the SBA utilizes to determine if you have met its "Development Goals".
  • We will complete an adjusted net worth analysis to ensure you will still be considered economically disadvantaged and also an adjusted gross income analysis if necessary. We will advise you of any possible eligibility issues as well as remedies to potential problems.
  • We shall respond to your inquires through the year and thoroughly advise you on any potential business or personal situation that could jeopardize your 8(a) eligibility.
What is the total cost for the 8(a) Compliance Service?

Our 8(a) Compliance Service fee is: $3,000.00.

This is payable in two installments. (1) The first installment is paid at the time of the start of your 8(a) Compliance Service engagement. (2) The final balance is due 30 days after engagement.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Checks for payment.

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$3,000.00 - Fixed Price Fee