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Fast and Easy HUBZone Certification Renewal

Firms certified in the SBA’s HUBZone Program must recertify every three years to SBA that they remain a qualified HUBZone SBC (Small Business Concern). Concerns wishing to remain in the program without any interruption must recertify their continued eligibility to SBA within 30 calendar days after the third anniversary of their date of certification and each subsequent three-year period. Failure to do so will result in SBA initiating decertification proceedings. Once decertified, the concern then would have to wait 90 calendar days to submit a new application for certification. You cannot recertify your firm once you have been decertified so timely recertification is important.

The recertification to SBA must be submitted and electronically verified and must represent that the circumstances relative to eligibility that existed on the date of certification showing on the list have not materially changed and that the concern meets any new eligibility requirements.

Cloveer’s HUBZone Program Recertification Service will make sure your recertification is done correctly and quickly.

HUBZone Certification Renewal Service FAQS

What is the service and who should consider it?

This service is designed for the small business owner who is HUBZone Certified by the SBA and has received a notice to renew their certification.

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What are the basic HUBZone eligibility requirements?
Eligibility Criteria 1:
Your business concern's principal office must be located in a qualified SBA designated HUBZone. Search the SBA's Mapping system and verify if your principal office is located in a qualified SBA designated HUBZone.

Definition of Principal Office:
Principal office is defined as the location where the greatest number of the business concern's employees at any one location perform their work. However, for those business concerns whose primary industry is service or construction, the determination of principal office excludes the business concern's employees who perform the majority of their work at job-site locations to fulfill specific contract obligations.

Eligibility Criteria 2:
Your business concern must be at least 51% unconditionally and directly owned and controlled by persons who are US citizens.

Definition of Unconditionally and directly owned and controlled:
Unconditionally and directly ownership means directly owning at least 51% of the business concern. Ownership must be direct and cannot be through another business or trust, unless the trust is revocable and you are the sole grantor and trustee of the trust. Control means both the day-to-day management and long term decision making authority for the business concern. Generally, you should be the highest ranking officer of the business too.

Eligibility Criteria 3:
35% of your business concern's employees must reside in a SBA designated HUBZone.

Definition of Employee and Reside:
Employee means all individuals employed on a full-time, part-time, or other basis, so long as that individual works a minimum of 40 hours per month. This includes employees obtained from a temporary employee agency, leasing concern, or through a union agreement or co-employed pursuant to a professional employer organization agreement. SBA will consider the totality of the circumstances, including criteria used by the IRS for Federal income tax purposes and those set forth in SBA’s Size Policy Statement No. 1, in determining whether individuals are employees of a concern. Volunteers (i.e., individuals who receive deferred compensation or no compensation, including no in-kind compensation, for work performed) are not considered employees. However, if an individual has an ownership interest in and works for the business a minimum of 40 hours per month, that owner is considered an employee regardless of whether or not the individual receives compensation. Reside means to live in a primary residence at a place for at least 180 days, or as a currently registered voter, and with the intent to live there indefinitely.

Eligibility Criteria 4:
Your business concern must be classified as a small business as defined by the SBA.

Definition of Small Business:
Small business means the business concern, with its affiliates, must meet the size standard corresponding to its primary industry classification.

Eligibility Criteria 5:
Certify that when performing a HUBZone contract, at least 35% of your employees continue to reside in a SBA designated HUBZone. If your concern is owned by a Indian Tribal Government, 35% of your employees engaged in performing that contract must reside within a SBA designated HUBZone. You must "attempt" to maintain the 35% requirement throughout the life of the contract.

What to expect when you sign up for this service?

Upon engaging us for the HUBZone Renewal service, we will send you a brief questionnaire along with a list of any documents required to show that you maintain eligibility.

We will thoroughly review all items to make sure your firm is compliant with the HUBZone requirements.

If we notice any HUBZone program eligibility issues, we will provide you with suggestions to immediately overcome them.

Cloveer will complete all online portions of the renewal process based on the information you provide. We will also upload any documents as requested by the SBA.

What type of Information will need to be collected and provided to the SBA?

The items required for HUBZone Renewal include information on your current employees, work locations and owners, similar to items that would have been provided in your original application.

How long does it typically take to complete the HUBZone Renewal?

The HUBZone Renewal process can be complete as quickly as you are able to provide the requested information and documents to us. Renewals can be completed in as little as 1 business day.

How long does it typically take to get the HUBZone Renewal once submitted to the SBA?

Your HUBZone Certification will be renewed the same day that it is submitted.

What is the total cost to review the HUBZone Application?

Our HUBZone Renewal fee is: $250.00.

This is payable in one installment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Checks for payment.

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