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Pre 8(a) Application Submission Service

Are you contemplating the formation of a business specifically to get SBA 8(a) Certified? Did you recently form a business and need specific guidance during your first year or two to make sure that when you apply for the SBA 8(a) Program you will get certified?

Our Pre 8(a) Application Completion Service will ensure that your small business is positioned properly to become 8(a) Certified when it is ready to apply.

Pre 8(a) Application Completion Service Faqs

What is the service and who should consider it?

The Pre 8(a) Application Completion Service is designed for the small business owner who is thinking about forming a business solely for the purpose of becoming an SBA 8(a) Program participant or has a newly formed business and needs initial and ongoing guidance and advice on how to position itself for applying for 8(a) Certification.

We are experienced at solving complex 8(a) application show stoppers. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide and advise you, so your small business may get 8(a) Certified by the SBA.

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What to expect when you sign up for this service?
We start by conducting a detailed interview to determine the business's current state of eligibility for the SBA's 8(a) Program.

Following the interview, you will receive a detailed progress report that will outline the specific steps you must take to prepare for an upcoming 8(a) Program Application. Our progress report will provide you with realistic time frame's for applying for the 8(a) Program and any SBA required milestones you and your business must meet.

We will identify all specific documents that you will need to create and start to gather for your 8(a) Application submission. Templates, worksheets and samples will be provided to assist with documents you may not have that are required.

You will also receive three additional hours of consultation as needed after the provision of the initial progress report to answer any other questions you may have as you work your way towards 8(a) Application submission.

If you choose to have us prepare your entire 8(a) Application, when you are ready to apply, we will apply the $500.00 fee paid for this service towards the Full 8(a) Application Completion Service.

What type of Information will need to be collected and provided to the SBA?

Keep in mind that each 8(a) Application is unique and document requirements vary for each 8(a) Application. Below is a typical list of items that will need to be included within your application:

  • Current SAM.GOV and SBA DSBS (Dynamic Small Business Search) profile printouts
  • A complete copy of your SBA Electronic Application including all Forms (Certification Receipt Form, 1010, 1010-IND, 1623, 1790, 413, 4506-T, 912)
  • 1040 personal tax returns (last three filing years) including all schedules, attachments, W-2s, 1099's and proof of payment for any tax owed for each 8(a) Applicant and anyone else who owns more than 10% interest in the business or who is considered a key officer, employee or director
  • Business Federal tax returns including all schedules and attachments for the last three filing years, or as many as you have been in business, if less than 3 years
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, A/P and A/R aging statements no older than 30 days old and also for the last three years. Please note, your financial statements must be prepared either on an income tax basis or be GAAP compliant.
  • A resume for each 8(a) Applicant and any other key officer, employee, director or 10% or more owner
  • A detailed listing of current YTD and past federal and non-federal contracts for the last two completed fiscal years plus the current YTD. You will also need to provide a copy of contracts for the last 12 months too
  • At least 2-3 letters of reference from current and/or past clients
  • A current certificate of good standing (required for Corporations and LLC's only) including any for any foreign entity filings
  • Stock certificates/Stock ledger (Corp), Membership Certificates/ledger(LLC)
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization/Partnership filing/DBA Filing (Unique to your organization type) including any for foreign entity filings
  • Fictitious Business Name filings (if applicable)
  • Bylaws, Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement (Unique to your organization type)
  • Stockholder/Board or Member Meeting minutes (organization and last two years)
  • Articles of Conversion (if applicable)
  • Buy/Sell or any Voting Agreements (if applicable)
  • Organization chart
  • Business bank signature cards
  • Copies of all business and special licenses
  • Copies of any business loan agreements
  • A brief history of the business (A worksheet will be provided to assist with this item)
  • A copy of the lease agreement for business. If you operate out of your home, we will prepare a letter of explanation to the SBA
  • Copy of your current business insurance declaration
  • Proof of US Citizenship, if born outside the USA
  • Copies of personal financial statement supporting statements, no older than 30 days old. (e.g. bank statements (Checking/Savings, etc.), Retirement Account statements (Including written plan terms and conditions), Shareholder loan promissory notes, Life Insurance statement (Cash Surrender Value), Stock/Bond or Mutual account statements, Auto registration/title/KBB value and loan statements, Other Asset valuations or statements (College Savings Accounts, RV’s, Motorcycle, etc.), Mortgage statements, Deeds for all properties owned, Home Owners Insurance, Credit Cards, etc.), Notes Payable to Banks and others (Student, Home Equity, etc.)
  • For any past arrest, copies of court documents and FD-258 fingerprint card
  • Trust Agreements, if applicable
  • Tribal Card, if Native American
  • Letter of no objection, if you have a family member that is a federal employee (GS-13 or higher).
  • Evidence of Bonding, if applicable
  • Business Loan Agreements
What happens if you don't have some of the required items?

We will provide you worksheets, samples, and templates that assist in collecting and developing some of the information requested.

What is the total cost for the Pre 8(a) Application Service?

Our Pre 8(a) Application Completion Service fee is: $500.00.

This is payable in one installment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Checks for payment.

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Do you have any references that I can contact?

You can view our list of client testimonials and call any of our clients.

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$500.00 - Fixed Price Fee